My, it’s been so long since I’ve written a post…   So, I have been thinking, and thinking much more than writing…       I look at my feet.


When we walk to church, we pass the restored Nauvoo Temple on our way, every Sunday..  I think about the places I walk.

I think about the places I walk.  Elder Sudweeks and I walk to church because it is so close.  Is it possible to take 365 pictures of the Nauvoo Temple?

We love to see the Temple every day!    

Temple at sunset 62015 DSC01947These are my shoes.  I wear them every day.  They are my pioneer shoes.  Here they are on a Rag rug,  The pioneer rag rugs made from scraps of fabric, old dresses, or worn blankets, cut into strips and woven into runners on thChicago Nauvoo 2008 210e looms.   The pioneers wrote about their ‘shouse’ in their journals because that’s what it sounds like when you try to write a word that you hear!

This is the way Nauvoo looked when the pioneers first arrived in 1839.  Their shouse walked on this rough field by the Mississippi as they cleared fields for their homes and farms.   Most of this work was done by the women because the men were away on missions to bring the message of the gospel to the world.  When they got home, they would build log and brick homes for their families.                                                                         My shouse took me to the Blacksmith Shop when I was here in 2008.   This is wChicago Nauvoo 2008 144here my GGGrandfather, Richard Ballantyne worked and was a manager of the Coach and Carriage Company in Nauvoo in 1840.  He built wagon wheels.   I looked at my shoes and thought about the footsteps of Richard Ballantyne as he worked every day here after he came from Scotland, to build Zion in America.


After a long day showing people all these wonderful places,   I get 30 minutes to put my feet up before we go to the Cultural Hall to sing and dance for the nightly live show of ‘Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo’.   Elder Sudweeks and I put on our show costumes and ‘show shouse’ to kick up our heels and have some fun every night except Sunday.     I look at my feet and marvel that I have this opportunity to walk where my ancestors wIMAG1535alked,  dance where they danced and work where they worked.    We are loving being missionaries in #historicnauvoo.   These are my black suede pioneer dancin’ shoes on the theatrical red carpet on the Cultural Hall Stage.


Come Walk the Streets of Old Nauvoo, Meet me at Kimball and Main, We’ll stroll along to Water Street and Past the Red Brick Store again…… This is what we sing as we dance the Grand Right and Left. Yup! That’s Elder Sudweeks on the left, DANCING!

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One Response to Shouse

  1. Suzanne Barney says:

    I love this memory– very creative. Sounds like such fun.


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