Sunday Afternoon with Brigham Young

As our first week of Missionary assignments approached Sunday, I looked forward to the Sunday afternoon to get caught up on blogging, scripture study, and my favorite, a nap.   Then we realized, when church meetings were done, after a 1.5 hour breakBrigham_Young_home_Nauvoo for lunch we were to open the Brigham Young Home site for the day and give tours until 5pm, followed by another 1.5 hour break and then evening missionary meetings. We work in the sites 6 days a week including Sundays.  We only have one day off, Saturdays, it’s called our P-Day or Personal Day.  While our work week is somewhat daunting in it’s scope, it is welcome work. These are the things we taught in the Brigham Young Home.

We are left to ponder, what is our strongest impression from our own conversion story and how often have we reflected on it’s power to guide us through troubled waters.

In this room we bear testimony that the Holy Ghost reveals truths, just like when Brigham Young first heard of the gospel from “a man without eloquence and simple of speech” who said “I know by the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Lord, the Holy Ghost proceeding from that individual illuminated my understanding…”.   Brigham Young is baptised and then travels to Kirtland, Ohio to meet the Prophet for the first time.  Through the powerful influence of the Holy Ghost from that first statement from the simple in-eloquent missionary, through his trials and challenges in the church, until his death, he bears an unwavering devotion to Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ.


As Elder Sudweeks bore his testimony of the powerful feeling he felt in this room, that here indeed is where these great men most likely knelt to pray to Heavenly Father for direction for His church, his eyes welled with tears,(and mine, too) as we felt the sacred power of standing in this very place where it all happened in 1844-1846.

In this room of his home, an addition to the main house, and called the Council Room, Brigham Young assembles the 12 apostles together after the martyrdom of Joseph Smith to plan for the future of the church and how they will guide the Saints, west to the Rockies.  He was a young man then and the portrait is of him as Gov. of Utah, painted many years later in Salt Lake City.   IMAG1327Brigham Young guides the church with the 12 apostles for a few years before he is actually ordained the next President and Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The 12 Apostles at the time of Joseph Smith’s death: Brigham Young, Heber C Kimball, Orson Hyde, Parley Pratt, William Smith, Orson Pratt,  John Page, John Taylor, Willford Woodruf, George A. Smith, Willard Richards and Lyman Wight. Not all of these men will go West with the majority of the Saints, and the order of the ’12’ changes over the next 2 years.


Above ground root cellar and well. He built his cellar above ground because the flat land often had floods which got into the basements.

IMAG1312The Kitchen Dining Room with the bustle oven.  Plates on the table and pottery in the cabinet were among the largest single find of 19 Century ceramic artifacts in America, right here under Brigham Young’s root cellar.  These are the plates used by his family and pottery pitchers he brought back from his mission in England.IMAG1318 Now, suddenly working on Sundays is the best it could ever be!  How many people get the chance to spend their Sunday Afternoons walking in the footsteps of inspired people?


Don’t you love the view from the kitchen door, of the Mississippi? I can imagine the family enjoying this view as they prepared their meals in the cozy fireplace kitchen to the right of this door.

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  1. says:

    Love this. I have been stuck in Az. for an extra week because of the flu. Can’t eat — lost 10 lbs. — only upside. Fevers gone just very weak — hope to get on the plane Tues. Had to buy an extra ticket. Elisa and Jeff got the flu too. Going to Houston in April — hope to still see you in May.


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