The Dresses!

Here is my collection of Nauvoo Dresses.   7M3A9458Enjoy the pictures!   Most will have to be changed because the Salt Lake committee wants all the sleeves the same, and no trim or lace.   7M3A9428Luckily I was able to show the head seamstress that all the fabrics were indeed prints from that time period, although the bright blue one will be dyed deeper as they like jewel tones.7M3A9420   So I will be making some alterations before they can be worn on the sites.7M3A9409

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One Response to The Dresses!

  1. Suzanne Barney says:

    If anybody can make those dresses work you can. What did they think of your beautiful blue coat? You both look adorable. We are making our plans for our trips in in 2015 and we hope t make your area in the spring — April or May.


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