Merry Christmas!

IMAG1296Merry Christmas! IMAG1304This afternoon all the 50+ Missionaries gathered for Christmas Dinner together.   Each cookie had our name on them.

Tomorrow will be our 1st week anniversary!  Our week has been full of meetings with the Mission Presidency and many new friends.  So far we’ve hosted at the Family Living Center where Elder Sudweeks taught visitors how to make rope.


The next day he made the famous Nauvoo bricks.  They have to make 20,000 bricks before summer and they are done 4 at a time.

7M3A9414I worked in the Lyon Drug and Mercantile. This is the Patty Sessions cabin behind it.  As a midwife she delivered over 4000 babies.

I showed how children captured bees in a box, coated them with flour, then set them free.  The bee flew slow and low and the children were able to follow the bee back to the hive.   Each family would mark the tree where their hive was with initials, and they would respect each families hive.  If, the bee flew back to a hive with no initials, they would build a small fire underneath and smoke the bees to the top of the hive where they would protect the queen bee.  They they could reach in the bottom and harvest the honey.

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One Response to Merry Christmas!

  1. Rosemary l. Coss says:

    Very interesting methods employed to gain their daily bread. Thank you for keeping us informed.


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