We are called to serve.

accepting the callHow wonderful to receive our call. We applied at the end of August and received our packet in October. Larry will be doing service missionary work which is construction projects for the Nauvoo Visitors Center. We are to report to the Missionary Training Center on Dec 8th for one week and then we will drive to Nauvoo.

We have felt the spirit so strongly already as we made preparations to apply for this mission. We decided to wait on building our retirement home on the property we bought during the summer in Coquille, Oregon and serve our mission first. The immediate confirmation felt like a door opened and sunshine poured into the room. A huge feeling of peace and assurance fell upon us that we had made the right decision. I have never felt anything so powerful.

We are so excited to serve and smile all the time as we anticipate all that is in store for us.

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2 Responses to We are called to serve.

  1. Zettalee Lindow says:

    Dear Sister Sudweeks, a.k.a Cousin Loretta,
    Thank you for the pictures and your comments. Eden helped me look at and read your blog. . .I am trying to learn how to do it by myself. My heart was uplifted and inspired by your comments, thank you. The dresses look spectacular, your are adorable. Our Relief Society is going to “Old Nauvoo” in word and song to celebrate the birth of the Relief Society in March. I am to portray Lucy M. Smith. I will make a dress for myself although it will not be as authentic as yours. Thank you for your inspiration, your courage and your faith. Love and Blessings Zettalee


    • girlwskls says:

      That is wonderful! We will do a reenactment here in Nauvoo as well. They have asked me to play Emma since I keep wearing the ringlets…
      You will be a wonderful Lucy! Thank you for following the blog. I hope to get more efficient at posts. It is a large tech learning curve to manage a blog. 🙂


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